Your safety is our top priority

1. Class length has been shortened to 45 minutes and group class capacity has been limited to 6. Please be mindful of practicing social distancing while in the studio. Please do not linger in the common areas and remain in your car until the teacher opens the door to indicate you can enter before your class starts. This will give us time to clean and sanitize the reformers and any equipment we will be using.


2. We are now required to check your temperature upon entering the studio. Please stop in at the front desk before going to your reformer. 


3. Wash or sanitize your hands immediately upon entering the studio and before you leave. We will be providing hand sanitizer at each reformer for your use, as well as stations by both the front and back door. 


4. The ADHS/CDC are recommending that a face mask or covering is worn at all times when you are inside the building - including during your workout. Because this is still a recommendation and not a requirement, we will allow you to make your own decisions. We are still requiring a mask to enter and it may be removed only when you are on your reformer and must be worn at all other times. It should be noted that we do expect for this to become a mandated requirement, and we encourage you to get comfortable and used to wearing a mask at all times in the event that there is a shift in policy.


5. You should avoid coming to the studio if you are at high risk for severe illness or have underlying medical conditions that make you more susceptible to contracting COVID-19. If you are not ready to return to the studio, please let us know and we will keep your membership paused.

We will be doing everything in our power to keep you safe and follow the new regulations that have been placed on us. Although we are taking these extreme measures we can not guarantee zero exposure if you decide to return to the studio. If you have any questions about the new safety protocols, please send us an email.